Location & Facilities


The Project is located in Wau District of Morobe Province, 210 km northwest of Port Moresby and 120 km south of Lae.  The Project is 2,100m above sea level and lies between the headwaters of the Bulolo and Upper Watut rivers on the northern fall of the central dividing range, about 7 km south southwest of the town of  Wau.


The relief is mountainous. The Edie Creek leases range in elevation from 2,000m to 2,300m above sea level in a dissected plateau.  The highest point is Mount Kaindi (altitude 2,500 m) which overlooks both Wau and Edie Creek. Edie Creek drains into the Wau Valley to the Bulolo River through a steep gorge.  The creek descends 1000m over a distance of only 5 km.


Edie Creek has comparatively good infrastructure with an existing road and mains power. Road access to the Project is by sealed road from the deep-water port city of Lae to Bulolo, A new road has been built by Morobe Mining J.V., the joint venture between Harmony Gold & Newcrest Mining Limited, to service  its Hidden Valley Mine. This road provides access for large equipment and passes along the western edge of the Edie Creek leases. Both Wau and Bulolo have short take-off and landing ("STOL") airstrips making them easily accessible by air from the main international airports of Port Moresby and Lae. 


The Mining Leases cover some 3.92 square kilometres and lie in a valley between high slopes.
Since becoming involved in the Edie Creek project, Niuminco has upgraded existing buildings and power supplies and constructed service roads in the area in which the Leases are located.


Niuminco has developed a small township/large camp within the Mining Leases, which provides accommodation for up to 200 people, a nursing service , catering, maintenance and administration facilities.